The story of Uptrition’s 45

  • March 2018 – Old Friends, New Ideas

    March 1, 2018

    By March 2018 Manoj was back in Mumbai. Thats when a chance meeting with Jeenal, an old friend happened. Manoj spoke about his diet plan and explained the conundrum he was going through. Jeenal, a vegetarian agreed that she herself didn't like too many vegetables and any variety in her food will be good for her. Then with a stroke of brilliance, Jeenal made the suggestion “why do we need to make it sweet and flavoured? Why don't we just add it to our food?” The idea took shape into the company and the product - Uptrition’s 45. Jeenal’s idea was brilliant. In essence, a personal diet plan was converted into a product that benefits a lot of people. With Jeenal’s expertise and her rich experience, the production was streamlined bringing down the costs, and thus making the Uptritions 45 affordable to the common man.

  • January 2018 – The conundrum

    January 1, 2018

    A urban lifestyle is very different from a rural lifestyle. Manoj was winding up the farm and was planning to move back to Mumbai. That’s when he realised how difficult it would be to keep following his Variety Based Diet Plan. He would become busy with work and travel. The leisure of ample time is not a luxury that he would have. How then could he keep himself healthy and fit? And thus he had formalised his diet plan into a powder format made of 45 ingredients. But it was cumbersome to make a drink out of it. Making the formula palatable in a drink format would mean he would have to add sweeteners and flavours reducing the nutrition of the powder. It was a real conundrum.

  • September 2017 – A diet plan that works

    September 1, 2017

    By September 2017, Manoj’s body had transformed, he was now able to toil under the sun from dawn to dusk. His sleep quality had improved and he rarely complained about lethargy. Come monsoons and season change, he did not fall sick. He had learned that the secret to a good and healthy life lies in variety in the daily diet. He had learned that variety in food is a daily affair and not an occasional affair. Occasional consumption of special foods and superfoods did little. The key lies in SUSTAINED DAILY VARIETY IN DIET.

  • November 2016 – The Breakthrough – Part 2

    November 1, 2016

    On this farm, Manoj had a 6-acre plantation of Moringa shrubs. The plantation yielded about 45 tonnes of moringa pods annually. Along with organic vegetables, he also had 150 nanny goats on the farm. He found out that, sick goats, when fed on a diet of moringa leaves and flax seeds, recovered very quickly as compared to those that were not. With this breakthrough, he included moringa leaves and flax seeds in the diet of all his nursing goats, and what he saw amazed him. The goat kids grew faster and were very strong with a robust immune system. He started to include moringa leaves and flax seeds in his own diet.

  • October 2016 – A breakthrough – Part 1

    October 1, 2016

    After months of practice, he still suffered from lethargy and an inability to be strong internally. He was almost ready to give up when a breakthrough happened. The breakthrough happened in 2 stages. The first happened when he started to observe the diets of his staff. Their diet did not boast of high protein levels, but, they had a great variety in terms of ingredients. Their tiny little vegetable patches outside their homes would contain a myriad of plants and vegetables which they would add to their daily food. They also consumed millets, barley and green leafy vegetables daily. They easily consumed more variety than him. Going back to what he was taught in school about a balanced diet, he remembered that variety in the diet leads to a balanced diet which leads to a healthy life. Determined he started to increase the variety in his daily diet. The effects of variety were immediately felt. He started to feel different and stronger.

  • July 2016 – Monsoons and falling sick

    July 1, 2016

    He observed that his staff would toil in the rain. Plant rice seedlings, do weeding, cut feed grass for the 100 or so goats every day in the constant downpour and be strong and able every single day. Their lives had a certain level of constancy to it. He, on the other hand, got sick often with cold, cough and mild fevers. With the gym and protein he did bulk up but true strength and a robust immune system eluded him.

  • April 2016 – Gym and Protein

    April 1, 2016

    He started with his gym routine, changed his diet to a protein-rich diet and started consuming whey protein. But, the problem still persisted, he could hardly work under the sun, and the best he could do was an hour of labour. He wondered quite often, why was it that he was unable to put in the same amount of work as his staff.

  • February 2016 – The wish

    February 1, 2016

    Manoj, after years of working internationally in countries such as France, Belgium, Singapore and China had returned back to India and had started an organic farm and a goat farm in Kerala. He used to watch his staff toil in the sun all day. When he himself tried to work in the fields he would be tired in an hour, the sun the would get the best of him.